Walking with God

“Noah was right with God.  He was without blame in his time.  Noah walked with God.” — Genesis 6

Genesis tells us that Noah was right with God.  It seems that being in right relationship with God was related to him walking with God.

What does walking with God mean?

If I walk with my wife, it is an activity that requires time, meaning that it takes 15 – 45 minutes vs. one minute.

There is also a quality of moving in step together, because if I am walking too slowly, I need to pick up the pace or my wife needs to fall back a touch—or both.  When you walk with someone, it is an activity that you are doing together, as it forces you to be aware of each other.

It is also an activity that becomes intuitive as you learn each other”s pace and as you slip into conversation about this and that.

There is an intimacy to this time, as it becomes a more online casino regular activity.

The reference to Noah walking with God strikes me as a form of prayer.  Maybe Noah arose before dawn each day and went for a physical walk with God, but more practically, he probably rose and went for a spiritual walk with him and kept at that walk throughout the day, as he practiced adjusting his pace to God”s pace as life happened and the events of the day unfolded.

Three simple, regular, effective ways of walking with God would be writing out a prayer journal, reading the Bible and being still in God”s presence, as God encourages us to do in Psalm 46.

A PrayerBowl seems to be an active prayer journal, as it is a mechanism in our home to remind us to pray, and enables us to collect our prayer cards from the bowl and one at a time review them, offer them up to God and place them back in the bowl and/or add a new one, and/or remove one that has been answered.  A PrayerBowl is a constantly fresh prayer list that enables us to pause and pray.

One of my favorite Christian thinkers and writers, Frederick Buechner says, “According to Jesus, by far the most important thing about prayer is to keep at it.”  I think we, as God”s children, need to develop habits and find ways to persist in prayer and keep at it.  We need to actively make prayer a daily process that gets the day started by walking in step with God and a PrayerBowl is a tool to adjust our pace to God”s pace.

David Maddux

David Maddux

David Maddux lives in Tampa with his wife and three young children. He is an elder at First Presbyterian Church, Tampa, and has served on the Committee of Ministry for the Tampa Bay Presbytery. He focuses on developing and facilitating fellowship groups in his local community and periodically holds a workshop on prayer. He has a B.A. In English from Davidson College.