The PrayerBowl GiveAway

Yes, we’d like to send you a free PrayerBowl & set of PrayerCards for referring us to a boutique or gift shop in your area. Here is how it works:

1. Refer PrayerBowls via email to the store in your area. Please cc us using The email should have all 3 of our email addresses. We don’t want to lose you in the process, so we believe an email is a great way to keep track of you and the store. * Note – Do not reply to the blog here on this page.

2. Once the boutique or gift shop makes an order, we will contact you via email for your shipping information. We will also need to know which PrayerBowl you prefer (The Angie or The Celeste).

3. We will ship your PrayerBowl & PrayerCards via UPS.

January is buying time for boutiques & gift shops. They will love our PrayerBowls & their clients will too!

God Bless,

Tom & Karen

Prayer Bowls

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