PrayerBowls Launch

The last 7 weeks went by quickly. People from 40 different states have ordered from us. Just a year ago Karen was hand-painting inexpensive white ceramic bowls in our kitchen and firing them in our oven. She could not keep up. We began searching for someone to manufacture our bowls. We ended up choosing a factory in Portugal that has a reputation for for high volume and high quality. We built a website & purchased our first building. We bought computers, printers and shipping supplies. We procured a loan to produce our bowls and the next thing you know, 6000 of them are sitting in our parking lot.


That is 200 thirty-pound boxes that needed to be manually put on the shelves.

We asked our friends, family and business contacts to help get the word out. The orders began pouring in. We then processed, packaged and got them ready for the UPS man to deliver these Mother’s Day gifts around the country.


In July, Karen and I are going to market in Atlanta to wholesale our bowls. We will also be releasing a free app for your iPhone & iPad. This simple to use Virtual PrayerBowl will collect, organize, track, remind, connect and securely share prayer requests. You can have a private bowl for yourself, a bowl for your men’s/women’s group or even a bowl for your church. We are so excited about this mobile app. We believe this technology along with our physical bowls will let God know, as a country, we do care about others and their well being. Our prayer ministry is in it’s infancy and we could use your help getting us seen by the numerous forms of social media. So, please share us, tweet us, like us & pin us. God Bless!

Prayer Bowls

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