Porto, Portugal


If you have not read my wife Karen’s story, click on “My Story” above. Long story short, Karen was very ill and met a woman named Angie that had been praying for her daily through her prayer bowl. Karen loved the idea of a prayer bowl and started painting her own and giving them away as gifts. A friend Kathy Hill convinced Karen to make more and bring them to sell at a home business party. Karen sold them all. Months later, I came home from work and there were gift bags on the front porch. I asked Karen what all the bags were on the front porch and she replied,” I sold 12 bowls this week and those bags are out there for the people to pick up.” It became apparent we needed to make more bowls.

This January we ended up in Porto (also called Oporto), Portugal to choose a factory to help us produce porcelain bowls. Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage site (2,000 year history) built along the hillsides overlooking the mouth of the Douro river. It’s the home of Port wine, which is stored in caves along the hillside. We chose this area of the world to produce our bowls, because the Portuguese have a reputation for quality ceramics.

There is so much more to the story, but the constant has been God’s nudging to get us where we are today. I believe prayer is very important to Him and the world needs more men and women who pray. Not only will our bowls look sharp in your home; they will remind you to pray continuously.

Prayer Bowls

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