The PrayerBowl GiveAway

Yes, we’d like to send you a free PrayerBowl & set of PrayerCards for referring us to a boutique or gift shop in your area. Here is how it works: 1. Refer PrayerBowls via email to the store in your area. Please cc us using The email should have all 3 of our email [...]

Walking with God

“Noah was right with God.  He was without blame in his time.  Noah walked with God.” — Genesis 6 Genesis tells us that Noah was right with God.  It seems that being in right relationship with God was related to him walking with God. What does walking with God mean? If I walk with my [...]

A Free Phone App for Prayer

Yes, a virtual PrayerBowl that will collect your personal prayer intentions. Not only will you be able to collect, store and be reminded to pray from your iPhone and iPad, but you will be able to share prayer requests with those close to you. You can set up a bowl for your family, your Wednesday [...]

PrayerBowls Launch

The last 7 weeks went by quickly. People from 40 different states have ordered from us. Just a year ago Karen was hand-painting inexpensive white ceramic bowls in our kitchen and firing them in our oven. She could not keep up. We began searching for someone to manufacture our bowls. We ended up choosing a [...]

Porto, Portugal

If you have not read my wife Karen’s story, click on “My Story” above. Long story short, Karen was very ill and met a woman named Angie that had been praying for her daily through her prayer bowl. Karen loved the idea of a prayer bowl and started painting her own and giving them away [...]