A Free Phone App for Prayer

Yes, a virtual PrayerBowl that will collect your personal prayer intentions. Not only will you be able to collect, store and be reminded to pray from your iPhone and iPad, but you will be able to share prayer requests with those close to you. You can set up a bowl for your family, your Wednesday morning women’s bible study or even the church you attend(actually the church will set this up). Our app is easy to find in the app store. Just type PrayerBowls into the search and you will see our turquoise praying child logo. It’s free, so all you have to do is tap download.

Once you log into your app, you will see a tutorial to set up your personal PrayerBowl, a tutorial to create a prayer and build a group. We have spent countless hours creating an app that would be simple for everyone to use. If it’s not easy, we know you won’t use it. Our vision is to promote purposeful prayer for one another and help make it a part of our daily lifestyle. We believe our new PrayerBowl app is going to help. God bless.

Tom & Karen

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